baby clothes!

this is what my evening looked like. parker took a long time to go to bed and she kept waking up crying. i think she is getting sick. she has a runny nose. but i guess it makes sense because there were some serious weather changes today. its 61 degrees right now!



pregnant me.

Lindsey Knott Babe-Belly, originally uploaded by ashzelly.

Lindsey Knott Babe-Belly, originally uploaded by ashzelly.

Lindsey Knott Babe-Belly, originally uploaded by ashzelly.

Lindsey Knott Babe-Belly, originally uploaded by ashzelly.

so i stumbled across these photos. i had been looking for them. my friend ashley took them when i was about 8 months pregnant with parker. its funny how i have already forgotten how huge i was. these are some of the only photos of me when i was pregnant. dave has a couple and maybe my mom if she took them at the baby shower. i was huge.

today i decided to make some baby clothes. i went to the store and bought some muslin so i can just rub off some existing stuff p has. i dont feel like drafting patterns from scratch, im just not up to it. so i got some silly cotton fabric that i thought was going to be cheap, but by the time i got out of there i had spent $57, which i guess in comparison to the days of gail k, is pretty cheap. i used to spend at least $100 a week. definitely more though. ill post some photos when i am done sewing.

yesterday i went to williamsburg and hung out with lexi and mollie. mollie took us all out to brunch at egg. it was great.

i found a new babysitter and she is just fantastic.

tomorrow i am helping marijana sell old salon equiptment, and hopefully i will make some money.


dr. emmett "doc" brown

parker just woke up and and her hair looks like christopher lloyd in back to the future. ha!

in other news i made two quiches tonight with farm fresh eggs. they were spinach, shallot, onion, and mushroom with parmesan, greyere, cheddar, and cream cheese. delicious!

im also in the middle of making oreo cupcakes with whipped buttercream icing.

parker went to the doctors today and she is still under weight. she only weighs 17lbs 10oz. i have to go back next month again. the doctor said, in her strong russian accent, 'you see, you have a very hyperactive child'.

im like, realllllllllly? i hadnt noticed!

some say love

this has been a difficult week. or last week rather. i lost one of my babysitters. im not sure what happened. but when i showed up at her house to drop off parker so i could go to work, she wasnt there. when she finally text messaged me, her response was that she had left for the jersey shore this morning. thats all. thats all she said. so now i am scrambling to figure out who is going to watch parker on wednesdays and thursdays now. luckily i have some very nice girls at my work who will watch her this week for me.

i had a terrrrrrrrible trip to the beach on sunday. like amateurs, my dad and i went to point pleasant and didnt leave the house until 12. it took three hours to get there. we never found parking. i got in the water for 5 minutes and then had to lug all my stuff back to findmy dad who was still in the car. we then turned around and drove 2 hours home. ugh. im never going back and i dont think he is either.

now for the good stuff. kyong visited on thursday and she brought me goodies from the farm. homemade dilly beans, pesto, and blackberry jam. farm fresh eggs and honey. a bundle of coriander that i am currently drying and a brown bag full of fresh garlic.

we drank grey goose and cranberry and sat on the porch and talked. friday we took a very long route into the city to see animal collective. while we were walking to the car, her to go rumdrink spilled in my purse soaked everything. i had to take off one of my tank tops to clean everything up. when i got back into my car that night it reeked of rum.

parker was babysat by the wonderful mollie, lexi, and caroline of williamsurg. they have become fast friends and i am so grateful for them.

nina is in town and i have plans to see her on thursday. i cannot wait!


Is it much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
With a little girl, and by my spouse
I only want a proper house

I don't care for fancy things
Or to take part in a precious race
And children cry for the one who has
A real big heart and a father's grace

I don't mean to seem like I care about material things like a social status
I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls

-animal collective


andy'll try it!

i ended up today with the day off. it would be more fun if i had something to do. so far it has been a lazy day of catching up on shows, cleaning, straightening my hair, and hanging out with the nut.
on conan last night they had a segment called 'andy will try it' where andy trys out things people advertise on tv. this time it was an inversion table, which was interesting because dave just bought one for his back. andy gave it a thumbs up.

both of parkers bottom teeth are poking through. she really hasnt been cranky either. no crying, no fever. lucky me. and her i suppose.

i have a lot to look forward to this weekend.
kyong is coming to visit on thursday night. we are going to see animal collective on friday night. nina also comes into town on friday. i hope i can go to her party on friday night but it depends on if i have a babysitter in the city/brooklyn or not.

her party is the guilty pleasure party. i will have to think about something that is a guilty pleasure for me. and how to dress up for it.

my dad mentioned to me that in the fall when business picks up, i might be able to get a job at his work. that might be the only way i could get on track financially and start saving money. parker would have to go into daycare. at the moment i am just spinning my wheels as they say. i guess its something to think about and look forward to. i wouldnt mind a salary.

meanwhile, don draper from mad men is on conan. ahhhhh. so dreamy.


cupcake bloggers. weird.

today was such a fun day.

i woke up and made sandwiches for the cupcake/sandwich social.
even parker helped.
then we headed out to williamsburg to pick up the girls.


thats lexi on the left, then mollie, then caroline with blonde hair.

and for the style section of the blog, we have parker, age 9 months.
bow, b braithwaite.
bandana, vintage.
shirt, old navy.
skirt, crazy 8.
shoes, vans.com
after prospect park i headed over to ginny and eds new apartment. they babysat while i went to the crash mansion to see my friend wills band play.
after the show some people from my work and i went out for indian food and it was delicious.

now im home. its thunderstorming. and raining. and im going to bed.


long long time ago.

im in atlanta.
i have had a really really great time.
i got in on thursday. hung out with dave catherine and paul.
friday jessica cut and colored my hair. i went to lunch with pat and my mom. stayed at my moms for the night. i made cupcakes and cake bites for jessica.
saturday i went to jessicas graduation party. parker crawled on her knees for the first time. we all clapped for her. she was a big hit at the party. such a well behaved lady. then i went to brittanys house. it was so fun to see her. we hadnt seen eachother in 9 years. i loved seeing her and meeting her husband jay. they are on a cruise as of tomorrow. i hope you guys have fun!
today dave and i went to lunch with his dad and stepmom ellen. ellen made parker these cute dresses out of vintage pillow cases. they are great. i went to dinner at fellinis with pat nina dave parker nick scottie his girlfriend and blaine. then we played apples to apples.

i really feel like i have gotten a lot out of this trip. i have been able to see everyone i had planned on seeing. tomorrow i am going to meet up with jtrav and he is going to shoot a photo of parker and i for his persona series. im so excited. i always wanted him to shoot a photo of me for his series. he is so creative.

i have been taking photos that i will post when i get back.

rip guinness. sorry buddy.