its time. ive opened my etsy store! it took me long enough to finally do it. its a start for now. im a little shaky about everything so im still trying to maneuver my way around etsy. here are a few items i added today.


ooh that its all for the best.

im trying to be positive.
currently, these are the things going on in my life:

•im about to finish the girl with the dragon tattoo. i highly recommend it.
•i worked at the aa flea market today. i have so much respect for people who work outside in the summertime.
•im dog sitting for christy. porkchop is in bed with parker and i now.
•i still realllly need a job.
•i got ten first edition, well, book club first edition, dr. seuss books from the thrift store for $5.
the banana stand is coming along. ill post pictures soon.
•my dad is coming back into town this weekend.
•patrick is at world cup! i wish i was there with him.
•im missing my roommates while they dog sit in midtown.
•my southern girl started chanting sweet tea! sweet tea! sweet tea! tonight when i got back from chick fil a. she loves sweet tea.
•ive been listening to jonsi and its soooo good.

other than that, ive been spending a lot of time alone. doing a lot of thinking. trying to figure out my life. i never realized how difficult life is when you dont have a job. its hard to keep up your self worth when you are so dependent on other people.



taken by my sister sarah cook.