please alert this love of mine. let him know his margaret comes along.

ive waiting eight months to get parker in a crib.
she has slept in it the past two nights and she is currently asleep in it now.
i never thought this day would come. i figured she would be sleeping with me through high school. sigh.

my lovely gia picked up my shift tonight for me. i made myself a caprese salad, watched silly teenager tv and worked on my puzzle. this one is a doozie. its 2000 pieces. i have been working on it for about 2 months. i forgot about it for a while, but when i got back from vacation i started working on it again.

i have tomorrow off but i am going into work to measure out and cut a giant screen for projecting movies.

my dad is out of town so i have been having a lot of time alone, with parker.
i took her to the pool today and she played in her boat. she loved it. the water wasnt as cold as it was in new hampshire so she was shrieking and kicking her feet. i had to hold onto the raft because she was projecting herself away from me.

i cant wait to visit atlanta in a week and a half.


lets get ready to rummmmmmbbblllleeeeeeeee

tonight i went to my friend eldas house in parsippany. i had never been there so i turned on my gps and headed south. it took me through mahwah on ramapo valley road. it was so beautiful. the sun was setting and it was cool and breezy out. it made me happy to live somewhere with lots of trees and back roads. and not to mention huge beautiful houses.

im back from my family vacation, which is my favorite to date. being with jessica patrick and amy for a week was so refreshing. being home now made me realize what wonderful friends i have. i think people take for granted the time they have with friends. i miss being with people that know me. we laughed so much on the trip. it really was so much fun.

jessica and patrick sang any song that came into their head in aaron nevilles high/low voice. thinking about it now makes me laugh.

now im home and probably 100lbs heavier. here is a rundown of the food i devoured this weekend.
fried clams
fried fish
[2] lobster rolls
steak [twice]
crab cakes
french toast
brownie sundaes
bacon and eggs

its gross when i think about it now.

we played rummy, gin rummy, did two puzzles, went to the pool, some people went on the boat, went shopping, went out to dinner, cooked out, jumped in the pool at midnight, played with sparklers, went to a wedding, all around had so much fun.

thank you to all my family for being so much fun. + amy, marijana, and jessica.

here is my favorite picture from the trip.

okay, i couldnt resist posting this one as well.

patrick loves bacon. and i guess pk does too.

check out the rest of the photos on www.flickr.com/photos/all_things_striped

parker is crawling now. she has rug burn on her knees.