birthday boy.

on this day 39 years ago, dave was born.

happy birthday babys daddy.

i found this. its so adorable. i wish i could be a part of something so cute and creative.


alone time.

just a quick post before i have to get ready for work.

i miss parker so much already. she is in san francisco, her 16th state!

but on a positive note:
i slept all the way through the night.
i didnt have to pay a babysitter last night.
i got to sleep later this morning because i only have to get myself ready.
im enjoying a quiet, poop free morning.
im going to the movies tonight, no babysitter or pappy needed!

i miss you my little peanut girl.

parker says, nice hermes hat, daddy-o!



while surfing around the internet and various blogs, i found some really cute stuff. first off, mini scooters! oh my god, i want to get one for pk so badly.

new iron and wine is out and i want it. i guess i could support the band by buying, but really im hoping someone already has it and that they will give it to me.

wall decals by mae. these are removable. its playing paper doll on your wall. brilliant.

elephant seat/light from modernchild.

realy cute cards from paper medium.

alphabet posters by sycamore street press

this place has a lot of great childrens stuff. sustainable. wooden. nice quality etc.

and one last thing. jewelry by yellowgoat. i want to buy this for leigh.



parker is sitting up by herself now.

and she doesnt mind being on her belly either.

im lonely tonight. hopefully tomorrow it will pass. sometimes it just gets old not having anyone to hang out with. my dad has a lady friend now and i miss him when he is at her house but i am so happy for him.

i want patrick to come visit so badly. im scheming to try and get him here.

i cant find a babysitter for saturday night. i have to work and my dad is going to be out of town. no one can do it because it is memorial day weekend. i dont know what to do.


new baby clothes from h&m!

i got all of it for $30. so cute.

i had this chocolate and mini m&ms in my house i needed to get rid of so i decided to make some treats to bring into work tomorrow.

yesterday i walked 1.4 miles while pushing a stroller. i was quite sore today. im on a good diet now, at least trying. i ate fruit for breakfast.


birthday birthday

my dads birthday was on friday. we went over to marijanas and had steamers and lobsters.

my first attempt at fondant. its a little messy but it was fun. the cake wasnt even very delicious, but its the thought that counts.

here is a photo of my peanut looking so cute.


another nice note.

ok, so we havent seen each other in years....havent talked on the phone.....havent met the important people in each others lives (jay, parker, etc)....

but know that when I think of growing up...becoming...getting through those hard middle school years....you are every much as part of those thoughts as I myself am.

you're my oldest friend.....and ive been so happy to reconnect.
I know it must be so hard up there...well, i know it..probably dont understand. definitely dont understand motherhood, and cant imagine how all-consuming it must be.

you're doing a great job, though. I can tell. Happy mother's day a bit late.

life is messy....but i think we'll all be okay.
love you today, girl.


quiet night.

i got the sweetest note today from my good friend kyong. i decided to share it with you.

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for being such a good friend. I know that I have been all giddy about this kid and I thank you for putting up with my long winded babble about this and that during a time when things are really changing for you. Settling down and looking at my daughter, I know that you find it difficult to move on and let things go or even to see it a different way, but you have really endured gracefully because you can still scream and laugh with me at the good things that are going on. Moving on is really hard and I am really proud of you and think about how amazing and strong you have to be to relocate and to push yourself into the next chapter of your life, even if you don't want to start another chapter. You are being so brave and headstrong about doing well for yourself and I am so excited for your future and proud of you as a friend.
Thanks for being you.
much love,


that really made me feel good. [kay likes to pretend parker is hers, so that is why she refers to parker as 'my daughter']



i was watching make me a supermodel earlier today and that dumb host tyson called viktor & rolf, viktor & ralph. what an idiot.


more cake pops!

this time, i made them look like cupcakes instead of just the pops.
first, dip half in chocolate.

then. dip in purple chocolate, add sprinkles and an m&m.

jessica, my babysitter, gave me my first mothers day gift ever.
so sweet!


six months.

happy six months parker!

happy birthday to my screeching, reaching for everything, pear loving, drooling, tv watching, smiley, red headed daughter!


cake pops.

courtesy of bakerella.

before i went to work today, i decided to make some treats to bring in on a dreary sunday.

first, you make a cake.

as a side note, i always always use. bakers joy. it is so much better than pam.

after you bake the cake and let it cool, you crumble it up in a bowl.
add one container of cream cheese icing and mix together.
roll into balls.

put them in the freezer for 15 minutes.
then dip them in melted candy chocolate.

i made some into lollipops and some just into little heart shaped bites.



memory lane.

ive never had a very good memory, although people often tell me i remember the most remarkable things. as for my past, my memory is quite spotty. i do, however, have many sensory memories. smells, tastes, sounds etc that remind me of very specific memories in my life. for instance:

•pantene pro v when it was in the tall maroon bottle. the smell of it reminds me of a summer when i lived in suwanee. i had a neighbor who liked me for a long time. patrick and i hung out with this other guy tj for the summer. i can remember going on a walk with tj with molly the dog between us. said neighbor saw us and thought we were holding hands. he then proceeded to hide under the caboose and not come out.
•the smell of a certain kind of bush reminds me of the big house in north carolina. i can remember what it looked like when you walked around the house from the trampoline to the front porch.
•that beyonce song that came out two years ago reminds me of kyong. the last week she was in town jesse bought her the cd and we played it in her saab with the windows down and smoked cigarettes.
•when the moon is particularly big and bright, or small and dim, i think of chris hood. he called me one time many years ago and told me to look at the moon because it was so beautiful.
•when i make miniature chocolate chip cookies from the tube, i think of my first best friend, april jackson. she always made miniature cookies and to this day, i think of her when i make them too.
•eating cookie dough reminds me of growing up with great friends like jessica jeffrey, christi jervis, and melanie osgood. we used to make a half batch of toll house cookies. keep it in the metal kitchen aid mixer bowl. put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. grab 3 spoons and a glass of milk and just eat the cookie dough.
•the song always by my baby by mariah carey reminds me of laying in hopes bed and singing it on the top of our lungs.
•peanut buster parfaits from dairy queen remind me of brittany logan. we used to spend almost every day together when we were younger. her gunny would pick us up on her cadillac i think it was. we would listen to music in the back and then stop at dairy queen. peanut buster parfait, no peanuts for me.
•the song run away train by soul asylum reminds me of my brother patrick. i can remember a specific day riding in the car with him and my dad and kimberly on lindberg ave and that song coming on and talking about the video which shows a race car driver with a missing persons photo on the top of his car.
•the smell of bath and body works vanilla raspberry reminds me of the hospital in houston. i used that spray, soap, and lotion when i was there.
•the green day dookie album and the blue weezer album remind me of when my mom was at emory for her brain tumor. patrick, sarah, and i drove in sarahs black truck to the hospital and we were listening to these albums at the time.
•apple cider vinegar reminds me of nina. when we were in senior collection 3, nina was convinced that drinking apple cider vinegar was going to keep her healthy.

im sure i have many other memories but those are just a few that come to mind. anyone else want to share any memories like this that they have. please do.


•when i hear le tigre or avril lavigne, i remember driving in bryana sortinos vw gti with leigh, leslie, and bryana in savannah in 2002 and 2003.
•jolie holland reminds me of late night puzzling with jessica dorman, cigarettes, red wine, and music on the ipod.