peanut butter jelly time.

i bet you didnt know i was a floral designer did you?
i whipped this up because amy forgot to get a boutonniere for her prom date.

parker and i visited matilda and lesley for the afternoon. here is matilda showing off her teeth.
other than that i still dont have a job. i have been working on things to sell. coming soon: the banana stand


no ones gonna love you more than i do.

a lot of nothing has been going on recently. i have some photos to show off now.
first. i hope everyones mothers day was fun and spent with mothers. as for me, i was given gifts!
some cupcake things from parker via dave. some perfume from catherine, daves mom. some sunglasses from shane.

julie was cleaning out her aunts old house and she got me a box full of old thread and a very old dressform. so cool.

two weeks ago was kellys 21st birthday and christys bridal shower. nicole and i made her a homemade paper wreath and a cute card. we are so happy for her!
i made kelly a felt birthday hat in which she graciously wore at trader vics!

parker enjoyed some chocolate ice cream. afterwards she looks like a homeless man.

i went thrift store shopping yesterday and found two really great old fisher price toys. the horse is great. parker can pull it, push it, or ride on it. the dollhouse is really cool but only came with one bed and one chair. i would love to find the old furniture but it might get expensive.

so thats all. im still looking for a job. i have been a sewing tech at scad for the past few weeks but i need a full time job. i am going to start crafting. i must. maybe i will finally have the motivation to open an etsy shop. i need to think of a name. any suggestions?