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i want to do this to my room



anitico pizza. good lord. go there, please. it was delicious.

lesley, matilda, parker and i had the margherita d.o.p. the only downfall is that there are no highchairs. the girls had to sit on our laps and get pizza sauce dripped all over them. matilda got some in her shoes, while parker got some in her hair!

im getting settled in with the help of some wonderful friends. jessica and i have had nice family dinners two nights in a row.
reed and nicole get back today so ill be happy to have them here.
ro moves in next week. im so excited!

as soon as i get my tax return, who wants to go funiture shopping with me. i need things.

i had the master cleanse the other night.


melrose drive.

we finally got internet over here. right now we dont have a router so i am plugged in. its been so long since i have had to sit in one place with my laptop.

all is well here in the swats. the house is fantastic. i am still in need of a lot of furniture. shelving mostly. i dont know what i am going to do with all of my craft stuff.

my mom came to visit yesterday and brought lots of goodies. then she took me to ikea and bought me a red shelf for my books. i bought a really cute mirror from the greenhouse only to have it fall over and break the next day. we thought we swept everything up but alas, parker cut her foot on some stray glass.

we have a fenced in backyard for barbara and bling. we have a closed in front porch for parker. im so happy with the house and all the people in it. it feels so good to be connected again.

tonight i went to lesleys and had a wonderful home cooked meal by sam. lesley and i worked on some patterns for a cape and a dress for celebrity children. it felt so good to be creative again. i have really fallen off when it comes to design.

i went to the interview with carters but no internship program is set up. hopefully april/may though. i interview with top flr tomorrow. wish me luck. i only have $34 to my name right now.

nicole and i went to the grocery store today and she is teaching me to eat healthy and cheap. lots of produce. light on the carbs. no sweets. no butter. drink water!

i wish i had my kitchenaid mixer and my one cup coffee maker. its been a hard adjustment to not have coffee every morning.

a very special thank you to my girl ashlee for driving to atlanta with me, dealing with georgia power, driving my uhaul, and eating at places she didnt want to. i love you girl.

this is going to be a hard adjustment but i know i will make it. each day things will get better and easier. and as my mom says, you never know what is right around the corner. i just wish i could stop hearing those four words over and over in my head.

i miss my dad and all my lovies in new jersey.

tracy, parker missssssssses you!