i had lunch with an old friend from high school on friday. it was so fun to catch up and see her. we went to cafe di sol and then looked around highland row antiques. i found a bag of homemade vintage chicks. so cute.

after about two months of working on my headboard, it is finally done. except i am waiting on reed to build me something to raise it up about five inches and secure it to my bed. so here it is, but imagine it a little taller.

my to-do list is getting crossed out and that is something i really enjoy. it makes me feel organized and accomplished. i have lists all over the place, but this one is sort of a master to-do list.

i finally recived my prints from our labor of love. this is one i ordered extra, just a small 4x6.

parker is full on feeding herself now. its a little messy, but so much easier for me. here she is.


yellow luggage!

after all the hype ive seen about these, i decided i had to have one.

after tax, the overnighter was only $102 because its on sale. im so excited to travel and have such a fantastic piece of luggage.

in other news, my favorite couple, brittany and jay, are on vacation for a week. im not sure i know what to do with myself with them gone for so long. they had a wonderful housewarming party on sunday.
[lesley graham]

ed is maybe going home from the hospital to rest up before his next surgery. keep him in your thoughts.


happy st. patricks day!

so im sitting here in the waiting room at grady hospital. its disgusting. my stepdad ed got in a motorcycle accident and we are waiting for the results. his leg is broken in a few places and his bone is sticking out. he has to have surgery tonight. eeeeek.

in other news, saint patricks day was fun.

we made corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and turnips.
then we played pop culture trivial pursuit.

love parker and lindsey.


new stuff.

i bought a new couch for $25!
we rearranged everything for it. and i bought another shelf. so happy.

thanks brittany and jay for teaching parker to drink out of a straw. it sure makes life easier. and thanks kirk for letting me borrow your truck so i could get my new couch. and a special no thank you to the homemade cookie dough in my fridge. taunting me all the way from the kitchen.

i think i might want to start making these stupid shirts and selling them. easy enough right. i just need to buy a serger.


my girl.

photo by sarah cook.

life. repeated.

[get it here]

[get it here]

i want these things. i want to lose weight and dress cuter.

its snowing again. im in bed and its noon. it feels great. i love naps.
i have two days off.
i have a new starter in my car $415 later.
both of my best friends just moved. leigh is in west hollywood now and jessica finally has a house!
i love where i live. i love my friends and family.