no slippy!

i received some goodies in the mail today. i ordered these online last week.

i love them.



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$25 on wine for myself!

this is what my night looks like.

i love this wine. i had a really stressed out day so on my way home i stopped at the wine store and splurged a little on a nice bottle of wine for myself. i worked and made $18.00. that job is so stupid. then i drove into the city to meet with a woman who works at a staffing agency. the job is an assistant cad designer for a womens and childrenswear line. so i guess ill find out if anything comes of it. i am so ready to not work in a restaurant.

as some of you may know, i paid off some credit cards this week!

im so happy to have my new camera. so expect tons and tons of photos of parker. speaking of...

and for kicks, a gross one of me.

im off to make some bread pudding with white chocolate sauce. goodnight!


its summertime

here is parker almost six months old. its summertime here, almost 95 degrees outside. she got some new sunglasses and now can fit in her hat from dave.

here is the puzzle that i have been working on for the past few weeks. its 2000 pieces.


bee beeeeee belittled.

my dad is back from dubai.

day one of parkers new routine. a sort of success.

this is what it is supposed to be and [what really happened].

7:00 - wake up and eat [7:15]
7:30 - play
9:00 - nap [only slept until 10:00]
11:00 - eat [10:30]
11:30 - play
1:00 - nap [napped on an off between 11:00-1:00]
3:00 - eat [2:00]
3:30 - play
5:00 - cat nap [no nap!]
7:00 - eat
7:30 - bath
8:00 - bedtime. [cried and cried. finally asleep at 9:00]

so my routine was certainly not without flaw. but it was my first day. its actually quite difficult to make a 6 month old eat when you want her to and sleep when you want her to. she doesnt eat enough at each feeding so i have to feed her more often. i really am tired of doing that.

my main goals for this whole process are to:
1. put her to bed without a bottle
2. have four feedings a day instead of all day
3. make nap times more consistent
4. sleep through the night

when i finally get her on a good routine, then i will tackle the crib. its not going to be easy. she has been taught that the place she sleeps is right next to me. i started this habit in the hospital. she cried and cried when she was in the baby thing in the hospital so i put her in bed with me and its been the same ever since.

im not a big fan of 'letting them cry it out'. i know for some people this is a fine tactic but i feel as though a cry is for a reason and it shouldnt be ignored. i dont want her to cry and cry and then throw up on herself after getting so upset.

i am proud to say that parker is a very happy baby and she is happy to be held by anyone, unless she is really tired.

my refund check came in today and i got parker a play thing.

i also bought myself a digital camera finally.

soon ill be documenting everything.


aint no sunshine

im posting from brooklyn. i stayed with kyong last night. she had some friends over and we all hung out and drank green tea. we sat on the stoop for a while and a man came by and sang a medley of songs to us. asking for money of course. but i havent laughed that much in a long time and it felt really good.


more sunglasses.

we took a trip to bergen mall today to visit target and while there i decided to go into the childrens store. usually i think this store is stupid, and i still do kind of, but i found two great buys. see above and below.
its solid food time here in new jersey. today i purchased a whole slew of choices for miss p. when she decides which ones she likes, i am going to buy the fruits and veggies fresh. grind them up, freeze them, and then defrost as needed.

parkers new favorite toy is the blah blah rattle. its a bird with a winter hat and scarf on. she really likes it.

im reading a new book the baby whisperer solves all your problems. it seems really stupid but its actually a really great help. its all about getting your baby in a routine. practicing good eating and sleeping habits, and not letting your child dictate the schedule. i spoil parker and she runs everything so i am determined to fix it while i still can.

its raining here and cold. i have the fire on and im drinking a cup of hot tea. good evening!



someone likes her first food. organic pears!


grey gardens.

tonight im having a quiet night with parker. as always. i picked up some food from trader joes. tempura shrimp, edamame, and mochi. we then headed over to stew leonards and picked up some wine. i got a nice pinot noir that my dad picked up for me.

on hbo tonight there is a special on the bouvier-beale family called grey gardens. its a movie of the original documentary from 1975. i want to see that movie too.

i took my last test at sushi lounge yesterday. after it gets graded i will find out if i get to work there. i know i passed, but i have a negative feeling about the whole thing. i just feel like they are going to blow me off and i dont know why. i have this black cloud over me. i feel really paranoid about all apsects in my life. ie. friends [or lack there of], job, babys daddy, etc.

i miss everyone. i miss jessica. i hope she come to new hampshire. i miss patrick. i miss nina. i miss kirk. i miss leigh. i miss dave. i miss my mom. i miss elliott. i miss christy chaffin. i miss having friends.

i talked to jesse perez today. he said he won a national award. best latino chef in america. congrats!

nap time for babies.



thats me as a baby with my dad. sure looks like parker.

also, some old pictures of rebekah and i.
two followers. ugh. come on guys.



today i received all of my stuff from atlanta. it was really fun going through all of parkers clothing and toys. i hadnt seen it in about three months. she really has a lot of clothing. when i finally get a digital camera i will let everyone see that her closet is bigger than mine.

here are some of her hats that i found.

parker received two wonderful easter baskets yesterday. one from her dad and one from her grandmother. she got candy!, a stuffed animal, three homemade magnets, a 14k gold bracelet, a rabbit statue, and a silver rabbit and turquoise speckled egg. shes spoiled!

i spent wednesday night with my moms side of the family. they were celebrating passover and invited me to their seder. it was long. but fun still. my cousin ben who is a magician is really so very funny.

here are my grandparents and my aunt and uncle.

i started my new job which seems like it is going to be good but maybe not as much money as i am used to making. but there are a lot of girls my age that work there so maybe one day i will have friends again. i need to buy new shoes because i can tell you that little flat mary janes are not the shoes to be wearing for eight hours on your feet.

parker is teething. still, you ask. yes. going on two months now. i wonder if this little tooth will ever pop out. for now i have to endure long nights of her waking up crying. constant fevers. soaking wet shirts from her drool, and her chewing everything that comes near her mouth.

until next time.



today we took a drive to northern new jersey to a cute little town called ringwood. we drove around ramapo state park and saw the ramapo state dam. its a reservoir for new jersey. it was really pretty. but surrounded by really ugly fences.

im in a huge slump. i cant seem to find a job. and my only two friends are moving away. nina goes back to georgia tomorrow and kay is moving to a farm in upstate new york. i joinded a book club that meets once a month. i am reading 'the meadowlands' and its .really interesting. we were supposed to choose a book that had to do with the earth in some way, in honor of earth day. i need to finish the book by the 14th.

i have an interview tomorrow at a sushi restaurant. and an interview at another place on tuesday.

on a positive note, i am. getting a monster tax return. i can now pay off some debt, actually have a savings account for parker, and pay for parkers everyday life.



these hazards of love.

its foggy and rainy here on friday and i got home a few hours ago from nyc. i drove in yesterday and met nina on avenue c. i frantically got my portfolio together and we drove over to broadway where i had an interview for an internship. nina babysat parker for thirty minutes while i interviewed. we had lunch at this cute place called room service.

we walked to madison square park and had frozen custard from shake shack. delicious. miss parker had had enough of strolling so we headed back to the car to pick up kyong from work.

after dropping off nina we headed to brooklyn. kyong and i picked up some food and wine and went home and cooked and hung out with her roommate.
this morning we were hoping to head over to the museum of natural history but it was way too rainy. instead we went to williamsburg and had breakfast and lattes.

i was sad to leave. i had a nice spend the night in nyc. both of my friends are now leaving and i dont know what im going to do then. kyong is going to live and work on a farm in three weeks and nina is going back to atlanta on monday.