birthday birthday birthday!

happy birthday to my oldest friend in the world.

brittany logan!

i miss you girl. i love you.


give me back that foot, give me that foot.

my computer cord is busted. i now have to do all my surfing on my dads pc.

today i went to fort lee and visited my darling grandmother helen. she is so happy to be a great grandmother!

since parker always has to wear bibs, i decided on a new look for her. i think its much 'cooler'.
i like to call it the 'hispter bib'
i even captured her mid drool.

im going on vacation sunday and i cant wait. some of my besties are going to be there. i.e. pat, amy, jessica, my whole family. i cant wait! i am going to meet my new second cousin and eat losters and so much seafood!

then on the 30th i come to atlanta for 5 days. cant wait.



im a celebrity, get me out of here.

hello internet world.

i have some things to show you. i had to wait until after fathers day to post some of this stuff.
for fathers day i did a project to send to dave.

first: make signs
second: dress up parker and take the photos

third: print them out big and mail them to dave.

result: lots of tears and appreciate from daddy-o.

the next thing i have is a cute outfit i got for pk.
and lastly. i spent my entire evening working on some delicious treats. they are for someone special, but i cannot reveal who they are for just yet. i also cannot divulge the flavor of the cake inside, but it is delicious.

parker has just discovered her tongue. she sticks it out all of the time.
i like to call her parker gene simmons now.

tonight i watched abcfamily for two hours. i am now addicted to 'real life of an american teenager' and 'make it or break it' which is about gymnasts. ahh.



early this morning parker fell off the bed onto the ground. face first. i heard a loud bonk and then crying. what a way to wake up, poor girl. shes fine now though, just a little red mark on her face.

in other news, i booked a ticket to come home for five days in july. july 30-august 4 i will be in atlanta. i know im going to be busy showing off parker to everyone but i want to see as many people as possible.

happy fathers day tomorrow to all the dads.

look at this fathers day cake. ahhhh!


we'll fill our mouths with cinnamon now.

i saw the decemberists last night. it was so much fun. i went with chelsea and ginny. they sang the entire album, hazards of love. then took a break and came back and sang older songs for about an hour. to make chelsea happy, they ended with sons and daughters.

the album is about a woman named margaret who is played by becky stark of lavender diamond.

the cutest girl of all sings in some of the songs and also plays bass i think. her name is shara worden from the band my brightest diamond. she was adorable. she had on silver tights and shoes and danced so cuuute.

we had very classy snacks. hot dogs and cocktails with a radio city blue light up stir stick. here is ginny with her champagne and hotdog.

im hoping that i will attend this on saturday with janine when she is in town from atlanta.

just some cute stuff i found tonight.

cupcake mobile.

cute cute dollhouse.


girl put your records on.

i decided this afternoon to take a visit to williamsburg to check out the craft fair. i had actually been reading about it on the cupcakes take the cake blog. i went in search of the cakespy booth, but ended up never finding it.

i did leave with some new things though.

1. y.not.me designs : i got some cards from their sale bin. [i got the elephant for you know who].
2. two small prints to frame for parker if she ever has her own room again. one says 'some days are better than others...' and has a drawing of a cloud with a sad face and outstretched arms. the other says '...but the sun always comes out tomorrow'. it has a drawing of a little girl holding hands with a prickly bear.
3. sesame letterpress : i got a bunch of coasters and some gift tags.
4. a sun burn. [from two hours, ugh]

5. some homemade treats such as a brown sugar cookie sandwich with a buttercream frosting filling.

i stopped by a booth called brookadelphia. the girl made jewelry with states and cities. she said she takes custom orders. im thinking about ordering a georgia necklace.

anyway. here is parker at the fair, looking cute as always. [big head as always, too]

we like to call that last one the 'heath ledger, the joker, smile'



sunday i went to see cirque de soliel

it was really fun. then we went to little italy and had delicious food. we stopped at a dessert place and i gorged.

this is not actually quite as big as it looks. they were all mini desserts. that eclair was only two bites. im not that much of a pig. just a little piggy.

parker is almost 7 months now. she can sit up by herself, although i dont trust her anywhere except on the bed and couch. i bought her some of those stackable rings and she loves them. she loves to eat them i mean. im so happy to have her back. ive been working everyday all day since she has been back and i am excited to have tomorrow off to hang out with her.