hairspray and charcoal.

my life is in two extremes right now. some things so great. some things so bad. on the financial side, so bad. but on the people side so, so good!

no one ever told me how terrible the terrible twos are. sometimes i want to ship parker off to somewhere far away. but i always miss her right when she leaves to go anywhere. i just want my not whiney, not bossy, not bratty girl back.

some highlights:

parker has her fingernails and toenails painted.

she says:
tee tee wawa - the toilet
sorry mama
mama car
kaka carseat
jewdada - blueberries
all d e-e - all done amy
apa - ice cream
addddddy - abby from sesame street
manie, nanie, mama - all names for me
ding doooong - in a very southern accent
googa- grandma/yoga
guyku - cycle/jessica

im waiting to hear back on some jobs. the school im teaching at starts next week.

i have great friends. all the old ones and all the new ones.


  1. OMG i miss you guys soooo much!!! Parker looks beautiful and i love the photo in the car..haha made my day!!!
    When are you coming to visit because all your north Jersey friends miss you and Parker extremely and we can't wait to see you both!!

    Sending lots of Love and Kisses from the north :)

    L.O.V.E: Cynthia

  2. "sorry mama" ! THAT IS SO CUTE!!! Ah, I miss you!