crossing paths

this is where i work now.

come visit me anytime you want to.

im enjoying my time working with fabric and meeting new people. so many ladies come in and want things sewn for them. i need to make a new business card.

any of you lovely graphic designers out there want to whip one up for me?

this has been a very busy week for me. so many new adjustments in my life. good and bad. im going to be looking for daycare in the next week or so, so if anyone has any brilliant ideas for me, shoot 'em over!

im hopefully going to be able to teach some sewing classes at whipstitch soon. if anyone is interested in any, let me know. im also considering doing some little sewing class at my house sometime. drinks and baked goods included. would anyone be interested in this?

its time to get my life together and start doing the things that i want to do.

also, do yourself a favor and listen to these albums:

blonde redhead / penny sparkle
mumford & sons / sigh no more
band of horses / infinite arms
arcade fire / the suburbs
iron & wine / norfolk
jonsi / go

these are the things i am listening to nonstop.


  1. Hey love

    I am glad things are coming together in your life. It seems like you've found something you not only love, but are very talented at! You're such a survivor linds and I truly admire you as a mother and friend. I hope you can come visit soon so we can catch up on life. I am always thinking about you and parker baby.

    Also, Katy and I noticed your pillow you made, i think for Etsy?! Well, we were wondering if we gave you some color patterns if you could make us a few? If I can order through something and that is easier, let me know!!

    love you both xo

  2. I would LOVE to take sewing lessons! Too bad we don't live closer!

  3. elysa! yes i would love to make pillows for you two. let me know what colors you are thinking about. i love and miss you guys.


  4. I've only heard great things about Whipstich, but have never been. I'll have to come see you soon! I would be interested in sewing classes at your house! I do have a sewing machine but it needs work--- luckily, my roommate Molly can probably fix it for me. Just have to talk to her about it. Let me know if/when it'll happen!

  5. what kind of daycare are you interested in, and what is your budget?

  6. Hey MOMMY!

    (This is Reeder) I absolutely LOVE our gifts THANK YOU!
    how is your Etsy stuff going? Are you still doing that? I am in a terrible worldwind of work right now but we are definitely going to hang soon.
    Please let us know if you need anything!

    LOVE YOU (R)