life, right now.

i update this blog so rarely that every time i do, i have to say 'this is what is going on in my life now'.
so, this is what is going on in my life right now

parker is talking a lot. saying the most insane things.
last week there were a bunch of kids riding bikes down the street being really loud and squawking. so i said, 'parker, do you hear all those chickens out there?!' now, days later, she keeps saying 'chi-chi allah'. which, if you didnt know, is 'chickens outside!'

i had an interview today. i have another interview on friday.

amy and i are on a telephone family plan. we got a discount for being cute white girls in college park.

i miss a lot of my friends. so many are far away. so many are very busy. get in my life, you guys!

my birthday is soon. maybe ill try and do something fun and clever. please come!

i found some old photos.

this was after sigur ros in 2005. i promise we all had a fun time.

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  1. oh man, that was one of the best nights EVER! I cannot wait to be back in Atlanta and hanging out with you as much as possible. I miss you!!
    love love love